Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to Ramos Spaans Blog!


Welcome to the Spanish Courses with Ramos Spaans!

Latin America… A beautiful continent that has everything you could ever imagine…
*      From ancient Incan temples,
*      Aztec and Mayan ruins to modern skyscrapers, 
*      From the Andes mountain ranges to eye-catching jungles,
*      From contemporary cities to ancient villages,
*      Friendly people, exciting and passionate dance music. 
*      Traveling, working and living in Latin America…

Discover the unique Spanish courses together with Ramos Spaans!
  •        Spanish courses at different levels!
  •        Intensive and general Spanish lessons!
  •        On-site and Online Spanish Classes!
  •        Understanding of Spanish Culture and Business in South America!
  •        Travel recommendations and guides to South America!
  •        Learn Spanish with a native speaker!
  •        Spanish classes for individuals and groups!
  •        Your value for Money !

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